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  • Fahrradabstellanlage mit Doppelparkersystem


    Increasing space requirements with less space available - how do you create more parking space with compact enclosures? [...]

  • 21 Kopie

    NEW – “Solar carport” – Always up to date!

    Discover energy independence with our innovative photovoltaic roof construction! Projekt w introduces a new era of carport and [...]


    INTEGRA-pw X-LONG – our solution for large distances between columns

    Since the start of the development of our INTEGRA-pw safety barrier more than 15 years ago, customers have [...]

  • Fahrradeinhausung mit Solardach

    Solar systems for all carports and housing systems

    projekt w is a leading provider of high-quality, robust carports and enclosure systems for storage areas. We are [...]


    New General Building Approval for the INTEGRA-pw / Product Structure 2.5 + 3.0

    Due to recent investments made in a new welding machine, we were able to considerably improve the production [...]

  • PH Koeln Messe

    Advantages and functional principle of a dynamic impact protection system compared to a rigid impact protection system in multi-storey car parks

    Impact protection systems in multi-storey car parks and similar car park buildings serve on the one hand to [...]

  • K800 ProjektW Caport Goeppingen Fuchseckstrasse8 Sept18 10

    Statics? – project w clears up half-truths!

    "Each structure shall be stable in its entirety and in its individual parts by itself." This is stated [...]

  • Schneelastzonen

    Snow load zones – what needs to be considered?

    Will my roof hold up? How much snow can my roof carry? Do I have to be afraid [...]

  • Einhausung projekt w

    Quality through hot-dip galvanizing according to DIN EN ISO 1461

    All our steel parts are hot-dip galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461. This standard specifies the thickness [...]

  • Anschluss Beton

    Innovation – Connecting INTEGRA-pw car park safety barrier to on-site concrete elements!

    Due to customer requirements, we have intensively looked at what way there is of fastening the INTEGRA-pw car [...]

  • INTEGRA pw 2.5 Absturzsicherung fuer Personen und Fahrzeuge bis zu 25t

    One grid mat / Different fixings / All solutions

    projekt w is the market leader for fall protection systems for parking garages and is also certified as [...]

  • PH Leonberg e1673439448824

    Presentation of EN 1991-1-1 in relation to vehicle impact loads

    EN Part 1-1: General actions on structures - Weights, deadweight and live loads in building construction; German version [...]

  • Fahrradueberdachung Woodline fuer ein Firmengebaeude mit Gruendach Light scaled e1673422157992

    Mobility of the future in urban areas

    Anyone thinking about the mobility revolution can no longer leave bicycles and e-bikes out of the equation. The [...]

  • Muelltonnenboxen mit Anbaumodulen Seitenverkleidung Woodline Tuerfuellung Vollblech pulverbeschichtet zusaetzlich mit einer Pergola ueberdacht

    Manhole enclosures – Proper planning is the be-all and end-all

    Attractively and practically designed trash can enclosures go a long way toward improving the collection of waste and [...]

  • INTEGRA pw

    Strong steel systems with maximum safety for parking garages

    In addition to the classic parking garages for cars and vans, so-called "mobility hubs" are increasingly playing a [...]

  • 2022 05 13 Projekt W 1713 mwp HR

    Space saving double parking for bicycles

    More and more often we receive requests from our customers for bicycle houses with double-deck parking systems. This [...]

  • Muellhaus Woodline 22 mm vor Stuetzen montiert

    Side panel Woodline now FSC certified!

    FORESTS FOREVER - FOR ALL Among the best-selling side cladding for our carports and enclosures is clearly the [...]

  • Integra pw x long scaled e1673372146807

    New parking garage for City Hospital in Birmingham, UK

    The project was realized by Ballast Nedam Parking UK in cooperation with Projekt w using the INTEGRA-pw car [...]

  • Muellplatz Woodline Design 22 mm

    Architect’s wish becomes the standard!

    New siding for carports and enclosures for bikes and dumpsters. From customer request to standard, this is the best [...]

  • Verformung Matte aussen

    When an accident occurs in a parking garage…

    When an accident occurs in a parking garage, it is usually caused by individual driver error. read more [...]

  • CrefoZert 2022 projekt w Systeme aus Stahl GmbH e1673523497270

    Creditworthiness Certificate CerfoZert 2022

    For the first time, projekt w 2021 has been awarded the CrefoZert creditworthiness certificate. The CrefoZert is subject [...]

  • Wohnquartier Langen Belzborn

    All green in the neighborhood!

    Langen-Belzborn residential quarter - After 1 1/2 years of construction - and thus about half a year earlier [...]

  • Fahrradueberdachung scaled e1673521689266

    What makes perforated metal side panels so interesting for architects?

    Above all, the countless advantages of perforated sheeting are why architects rightly like to use perforated sheet cladding. [...]

  • DK Kopenhagen PH Ejler Bille

    INTEGRA-pw fall protection helps design parking garage Eijler Bille in Denmark to more functionality

    Facts: - Architects: JAJA Architects - Location: Ørestad, 2300 København, Denmark - Area: 17000.0 m2 - INTEGRA-pw 943: [...]

  • Kundenservice

    Quality assurance + customer service

    In order to further improve our customer service,in the technical department, a new position was created asQuality Assurance [...]

  • logo202134b3f99c81f1cd8g1d9051ce20a466d3 e1673272420936

    Family-friendly company award

    projekt w has succeeded in receiving the "Family-friendly Company" award for the second time in 2019, following on [...]