Advantages and functional principle of a dynamic impact protection system compared to a rigid impact protection system in multi-storey car parks

Impact protection systems in multi-storey car parks and similar car park buildings serve on the one hand to prevent stray vehicles from falling out of the building or falling inside the building, and on the other hand to protect impact-sensitive components such as risers and downpipes against being damaged by vehicles.

PH Koeln Messe
PH Köln Messe

Linear components, which are installed along the building edges, are used in addition to local components, which secure the components to be protected against a vehicle impact from one or more directions.

With a rigid impact protection system, it is assumed for simplicity that the impact energy is mainly absorbed by the impacting object. This is therefore referred to as a hard impact. With a dynamic impact protection system, in contrast, the impact energy is mainly absorbed by an elastic/plastic deformation of the component and the impacting object absorbs only a minimal portion of the energy, if at all. This is also referred to as a soft impact.

The effects on the impacting object of the different absorption of the impact energy by these systems are considerable. With a rigid system, the vehicle is decelerated from the impact speed to a standstill by the deformation capability of the vehicle – the so-called crumple zone. With a dynamic system, in contrast, the speed of the vehicle and thus the impact energy is reduced over a considerably longer distance on account of the comparably large component deformation. The effects of the sudden deceleration of the stray vehicle, including its occupants are significantly lower here.

Examples of rigid impact protection systems are solid concrete walls, heavy steel profiles installed horizontally at the height of a vehicle impact or similar. Dynamic impact protection systems on the other hand are relatively light components made of spring steel or steel lattice mats.

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Deformation of the mat of the dynamic INTEGRA pw safety barrier system
Deformation of the mat of the dynamic INTEGRA-pw safety barrier system
Accident consequences with a rigid impact protection system
Accident consequences with a rigid impact protection system (Photo: Mattutis)