Statics? – project w clears up half-truths!

“Each structure shall be stable in its entirety and in its individual parts by itself.” This is stated in the Model Building Code (MBO), which is the basis for the state building codes (LBO), which differ in detail.

K800 ProjektW Caport Goeppingen Fuchseckstrasse8 Sept18 10
4er Carportanlage, Trespa, Gründach Light

Since, for example, according to the LBO of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, carport facilities may also be erected without a building permit, it is concluded from the procedural freedom that no proof of stability is required. This is wrong! Procedure-free only means that no (construction) permit is required under certain conditions. The stability must still be given!

For the proof of this stability, further paragraphs of the MBO have to be observed, as well as additional technical regulations and local building regulations. In addition, other requirements are possible in the respective building permits.

Currently, projekt w fulfills the necessary requirements by individual stability verifications. This means that for each project a calculation is made based on the necessary parameters and a stability certificate valid for this project is issued.

In order to facilitate the complex process and, above all, to shorten delivery times, projekt w is currently having type statics created. The type static is an element of the type test, which then leads to the type approval. Thus, the maximum requirement submission and testing of the proof of stability is met.

This brings several advantages:

  • tested type statics can be used as often as required
  • the type statics are valid throughout Germany
  • the type statics can take into account several design variants or subtypes so that different wind and snow loads can be responded to
  • through the type static you facilitate communication and create trust
Garbage place, Woodline design 22 mm
4er Carportanlage, Tespa, Gründach Light
Moulding enclosure, Woodline Design 7 mm
Fahrradüberdachung Woodline
Woodline Design Detail
Carportanlage, Lochblech, Gründach Light