When an accident occurs in a parking garage…

When an accident occurs in a parking garage, it is usually caused by individual driver error.

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Although the example shows property damage, there was no failure of the component in this incident.

These photos show self-explanatory the mode of action of our dynamic fall protection INTEGRA-pw.

Unlike static systems, in the event of a vehicle impact, the energy introduced into the protective

component and not only absorbed by the vehicle itself.

In addition to the deformation on the vehicle, there is also a corresponding deformation of the component in the direction of travel.

INTEGRA-pw meets the requirements of EN 1991-1-7 for impact loads.

The system we developed and patented is not for nothing

for years successfully on the European market an integral part of the portfolio of various system manufacturers of parking garages in

Steel composite and reinforced concrete construction.

In addition to its fall-proof function, the filigree system can also perform design functions in the parking garage facade.

as well as in the interior of the building.

This can be done, for example, by installing a handrail (galvanized steel, stainless steel) and/or a glare shield.

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