Architect’s wish becomes the standard!

New siding for carports and enclosures for bikes and dumpsters.

From customer request to standard, this is the best way to describe the development of the latest standardized side panel from projekt w.

Muellplatz Woodline Design 22 mm
Müllplatz, Woodline Design 22 mm, Hängeschiebetor

The idea was born in a personal consultation. The Woodline side cladding with its FSC-certified larch wood slats was to be loosened up and given a more refined look, at which point the high-quality perforated aluminum sheeting came into play. After a brief but very creative exchange of ideas, it was clear that they wanted to try to accommodate both materials in a horizontal interplay in a side panel.

And lo and behold, it turned out superbly. The result of this great collaboration is quite impressive and bears the proud name Woodline Design due to its particularly beautiful appearance.

This did not remain undiscovered for long, and since the first-time special solution met with much approval from architects, we have now included it in our program as standard cladding.

Also with the Woodline design, as with the Woodline side panels, you can choose between a slat spacing of 7 mm or 22 mm for the larch rhombus slats.

The aluminum perforated sheet cassettes have a perforation of Qg 20-50 and are edged all around. With a height of 368 mm, they are located in the upper third of the side panel. The perforated sheet cassettes can be left in natural aluminum or powder-coated according to RAL.

This leaves architects and builders with the necessary individuality to make something special out of your outdoor facilities and also to see outbuildings not just as functional, but as a design element of the big picture.

It is precisely this close and successful cooperation with architects and clients and the ability to respond to individual wishes in planning and design that distinguishes projekt w.

Garbage place, Woodline design 22 mm
Mülleinhausung Woodline Design 22 mm
Moulding enclosure, Woodline Design 7 mm
Mülleinhausung, Woodline Design 7 mm
Woodline Design Detail
Woodline Design Detail