New parking garage for City Hospital in Birmingham, UK

The project was realized by Ballast Nedam Parking UK in cooperation with Projekt w using the INTEGRA-pw car fall protection system.

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Absturzsicherung für Personen und Pkw bis 3,0 t, stützenfreie Spannweiten bis 7806 mm

For visitors to a hospital, parking your car should be as convenient and uncomplicated as possible. Most of the time, you have other things on your mind when visiting loved ones, having an exam yourself, or maybe even coming to the hospital for an emergency.

Infrastructure that minimizes risk and maximizes safety is therefore essential to ensure that patients and visitors, many of whom may be under stress, have the safest and most comfortable stay possible.

projekt w offers with its INTEGRA-pw fall protection equally an elegant solution for people and vehicles in parking garage construction. This eliminates the need for a guardrail or similar brute-force fall protection. In the event of an impact by a vehicle, the system transfers the resulting forces to the on-site substructure.

The construction of the project was realized in a tight time frame of only 10 weeks. To meet the technical requirements, the INTEGRA-pw X-Long safety barrier from projekt w was used.

The result:

  • Five parking levels in split level
  • 514 parking spaces, a part of the parking spaces offers e-charging stations
  • Steel structure -with prefabricated concrete slabs as roadway
  • 1147.25 m INTEGRA-pw 1143 X-Long + 523 m INTEGRA-pw 1143 RD (with 4-fold fastening per side)
  • 248 Fall protection mats with lateral slope adjustments for all carriageway areas with a slope of more than 4%.

During the same period, the Sandwell Hospital project in Birmingham was also implemented with Ballast Nedam Parking UK. Similar to the City Hospital in Birmingham, the parking garage was also equipped with the INTEGRA-pw X-Long fall protection system. With the INTEGRA-pw X-Long fall protection system, column distances of up to 7.8 m can be covered to accommodate impact loads.

Parkdeck projekt w
Parkdeck projekt-w
Ansicht Integra pw projektw
Ansicht Integra-pw