Space saving double parking for bicycles

More and more often we receive requests from our customers for bicycle houses with double-deck parking systems. This system is particularly suitable when floor space is limited or the need for bicycle parking is particularly high.

2022 05 13 Projekt W 1713 mwp HR
Fahrradeinhausung, Lochblech mit Doppelparksystem

The second level increases the parking capacity to other

bicycle parking systems

and allows an optimal utilization of the parking space.
The systems are all characterized by their ease of use, with the leaning and adjustment brackets guaranteeing the safe standing of the bike.

In any case, when planning, it is necessary to pay attention to the respective required internal height in order to be able to fully guarantee the function of the double parkers.

Since our enclosures all have a

type static

the required height is statically secured and thus the maximum requirement "submission and examination of the proof of stability" is fulfilled.

Another great advantage we can offer our customers is our versatile range of column beam systems with different roof types. In addition, various side panels and gate systems can be selected. The products can be adapted to all geometric layouts.

With this overall concept, we offer the greatest degree of planning security and diversity, leaving nothing to be desired.

Our greatest compliment always remains when we are asked for existing

reference objects

asked, which can be admired all over the country.

Ask us when planning your next project, we are here to help and advise you.

Garbage place, Woodline design 22 mm
Fahrradeinhausung, Lochblech
Moulding enclosure, Woodline Design 7 mm
Woodline Design Detail
Fahrradeinhausung mit Doppelparksystem