References of INTEGRA-pw

We are pleased to present you here a small selection of our reference objects. If you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you: contact us!


    NL-Venlo, Block of Gendt parking garage

    The Blok van Gendt parking garage was built according to sustainable principles. The roof is equipped with solar [...]

  • PH Koeln Messe

    DE-Cologne, trade fair parking garage Zoobrücke

    One of the most architecturally beautiful parking garages in Germany - Equipped with INTEGRA-pw As joint winners of [...]

  • Parkhausabsturzsicherung in der Schweiz

    CH-Mendrisio, Parking Garage Shopping Center “FoxTown Factory Stores Mendrisio

    The steel structure of the parking garage was equipped by projekt w with approximately 1531 m of INTEGRA-pw [...]

  • Heidelberg PH Universitaetsklinik Aussenansicht Einfahrt 1 e1673270510622

    DE-Heidelberg, parking garage medical university hospital

    The parking garage has 544 parking spaces and was planned as a large open garage with 6 ramp [...]

  • K1024 IMG 2817

    EST-Tallinn, Parking Tallinn Airport

    Over 1500 linear meters of INTEGRA-pw 1143 were used in this project. back [...]

  • IMG 9012 ret

    DE-Eckernförde, parking garage at the harbor

    Realization of the clear facade of the parking garage by using INTEGRA-pw 943 parking garage fall protection. Photos: "Bernd [...]

  • K1024 20170624 D5X5006 1152x576 1

    AT-Vienna, ÖAMTC parking garage

    Parking garage of the Vienna headquarters of the Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club (ÖAMTC). Product application: INTRGRA-pw 943, [...]

  • IMG 4613

    DK-Copenhagen, parking garage Ejler Bille

    INTEGRA-pw 943: 690 running meters as ramp mats in the two spindles INTEGRA-pw 1143: 600 linear meters in the [...]

  • K1024 MG 8917 Bearbeitet 2 1

    DE-Hamburg, Airport Parking Garage

    Product insert INTEGRA-pw 1143 Parking garage fall protection concrete construction. back [...]

  • INTEGRA Holzparkhaus CotraAG projekt w

    CH-Studen, wooden parking garage of the company Cotra AG

    Fall protection INTEGRA-pw 943. The crash mats were mounted to the supporting steel columns with system bolts. back [...]

  • Parkhaus Kressborn projekt w

    DE-Kessborn, parking garage water sports center

    Product insert INTEGRA-pw 1143, fall protection for parking garages in combination with INTEGRA-pw Extra, stainless steel handrail. back [...]

  • parkhaus leonberg projekt w

    DE-Leonberg, parking garage Leonberg train station

    Product insert INTEGRA-pw 943 + 1143, reduced in deformation in areas with facade by means of 4 point fixings. [...]

  • parkhaus kempten integra

    DE-Kempten, Allgäu Center parking garage

    INTEGRA-pw 943 product insert, floor-to-ceiling on the ground floor as burglar protection. back [...]

  • ph luxemburg thebox projekt w

    LUX-Luxembourg, parking garage THE BOX

    INTEGRA-pw 943 product insert, floor-to-ceiling on the ground floor as burglar protection. back [...]

  • Ellwangen Virngrundklinik 04 1

    DE-Ellwangen, parking garage Virngrundklinik

    Product insert INTEGRA-pw 943, partly with reduced deformation back

  • Stockholm Stenhoega 02

    SWE-Stockholm, Stenhöga parking garage

    Product insert INTEGRA-pw 1143 on the inner and outer spindle (spindle parking house) back [...]

  • Goettingen Sartorius 01

    DE-Göttingen, parking garage Sartorius

    Product insert Parking garage impact protection INTEGRA-pw 943, in combination with INTEGRA-pw Extra stainless steel handrail back [...]