Innovation – Connecting INTEGRA-pw car park safety barrier to on-site concrete elements!

Due to customer requirements, we have intensively looked at what way there is of fastening the INTEGRA-pw car park safety barrier directly to concrete.

The challenge: ensuring the dissipation of high loads via the mounting flanges into the concrete parts whilst maintaining minimum distances to the edge. The grade of concrete also plays an important role here.

Anschluss Beton

The solution: through tests and expert verification, projekt w has established the use of extended mounting flanges of up to 560 mm and permanently integrated them in the portfolio. As these are always part of the general building authority approval and verifications of stability, the fastening elements are also always part of the scope of delivery provided by projekt w.

Conclusion: Under clearly determined conditions, we can solve this problem for you in the future too and the INTEGRA-pw safety barrier can also be fitted directly to on-site concrete elements.

As important parameters need to be taken into account, fastening the car park safety barrier directly to concrete elements should be discussed in advance with projekt w. In this way, we can find the ideal solution for you.

Drawing V2010003 VT110A DE scaled
Zeichnung V2010263 VT210A DE scaled