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Discover energy independence with our innovative photovoltaic roof construction!

Projekt w introduces a new era of carport and enclosure innovation, combining elegant design with highly efficient energy production.

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Our solar carports are fitted with high-quality, state-of-the-art photovoltaic glass-glass modules to protect your vehicle while producing clean, renewable energy.

Design description - Urban Systems Solar Carport

Our technical drawing illustrates how we use our flexible Urban Systems modular system to enable the installation of photovoltaic systems on our roof structures. The substructure is based on stable steel beams that form a robust foundation for our rubberized rail system. This system secures the high-quality glass-glass modules and ensures a watertight construction.
All components are optimized through close cooperation with our PV partner, Reyting GmbH, to guarantee the highest quality and performance.

Why a Solar Carport from projekt w?

  • Our PV roof structure is ideal for single and large projects, offering increased cost efficiency and optimal energy generation.
  • Accelerated amortization of your investment - by forgoing additional supports and direct sourcing of PV modules from the manufacturer. • Extendable roof overhangs of up to 1 meter reduce the risk of parking accidents by increasing the angle of impact and provide additional protection.
  • Our design allows for spanning up to 3 parking spaces, minimizing the number of required supports and maximizing usable space.
  • The roof structures offer a durable and visually appealing solution, with the tilt angle adjustable for maximum energy yield.
  • Our extensive experience and collaboration with experts ensure high quality and reliability. We offer a comprehensive package from consultation to installation.
  • Enjoy independence from rising electricity prices and harness the energy of the sun directly in your parking lot.
  • In addition to energy generation, our solar carports provide shade and protection for vehicles, contributing to the aesthetic enhancement of your property.
  • Our solar carports are ideal for a variety of applications, including parking lots for businesses, multi-family homes, and public facilities.

Your Partner for Sustainable Construction

Project w is at the forefront of innovation in the field of solar carports. With our comprehensive approach, we offer a sustainable and economical solution for your energy needs. Join us in a greener future and benefit from the diverse advantages of our solar carport solutions.

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