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projekt w is the market leader for fall protection systems for parking garages and is also certified as a manufacturer of products in the construction supervision area in accordance with DIN EN 1090.

The INTEGRA-pw fall protection system developed and patented by us has always combined personal fall protection and vehicle impact protection in one system solution.

Conventional impact protection devices in the form of guard rails or steel profiles are no longer required.

INTEGRA pw 2.5 Absturzsicherung fuer Personen und Fahrzeuge bis zu 25t
INTEGRA-pw 2.5, Absturzsicherung für Personen und Fahrzeuge bis zu 2,5t

The optimized design principle, changes in the number and type of fasteners makes the use of INTEGRA-pw extremely economical.

As a result, the area of application of the INTEGRA-pw parking garage fall protection system has become even more versatile.

With the new modular concept of the product structure, the same "grid mat" can serve all areas in and around the parking garage.

A new addition is the use in logistics centers, where the INTEGRA-pw 0.1 can be used in mezzanines. Especially in parking areas with higher load requirements, the INTEGRA-pw 3.5 can secure cars and vans up to 3.5t.

The INTEGRA-pw X_LONG offers another interesting area of application. This can accommodate maximum spans of up to 7806 mm between the structural supports and is matched to the construction methods of European system suppliers in parking garage construction.

INTEGRA-pw also has the "General Building Approval" in Germany.

Further advantages that speak for the use of the INTEGRA-pw :

  • The high ventilation cross-section of the fall protection eliminates the need for cost-intensive ventilation systems
  • Due to the high light transmission, daylight is used optimally and the costs for artificial lighting are reduced
  • No horizontal profiles or similar, this complicates the ladder effect and thus the overclimbing by people
INTEGRA pw Einsatz im Rampengefaelle
INTEGRA-pw, Einsatz im Rampengefälle
INTEGRA pw 3.5 mit 4 Anschluessen und Blendschutz
INTEGRA-pw 3.5 mit 4 Anschlüssen und Blendschutz