Manhole enclosures – Proper planning is the be-all and end-all

Attractively and practically designed trash can enclosures go a long way toward improving the collection of waste and recyclables in residential complexes.

Muelltonnenboxen mit Anbaumodulen Seitenverkleidung Woodline Tuerfuellung Vollblech pulverbeschichtet zusaetzlich mit einer Pergola ueberdacht
Mülltonnenboxen mit Anbaumodulen, Seitenverkleidung Woodline, Türfüllung Vollblech pulverbeschichtet, zusätzlich mit einer Pergola überdacht

A major key is having the right number of trash receptacles, as well as properly calculating the amount of space needed.
Attractive appearance and perfect integration into the environment of the residential complex are essential prerequisites for the acceptance of the residents.

Planning and equipment

There are some important aspects to consider when planning and equipping manure enclosures:

  • Width of the door opening of at least 1.4 m
  • Good aeration and ventilation
  • Good accessibility, barrier-free and lockable
  • Slip resistant and solid flooring
  • Sufficient lighting and easily accessible light switches
  • Stop bars centered at a height of 1.20 meters

For large residential complexes and quarters, it is recommended to place several small garbage disposal units at strategically well planned locations to guarantee good accessibility with short distances.

Ecological added value through green roofs

Use the roof of your garbage enclosure as a positive contribution to environmental protection.
Green roofs improve the local climate. They cool and humidify the surrounding air.
This reduces urban heat islands.

The plants also clean the air from dust and pollutants and bind carbon monoxide.
In addition, a green roof is the perfect habitat for insects and is publicly subsidized in some communities and cities.

Garbage place, Woodline design 22 mm
Mülleinhausung, Woodline 7 mm mit Hängeschiebetoren
Moulding enclosure, Woodline Design 7 mm
Müllhäuser Woodline in Wohnsiedlung
Woodline Design Detail
Große Mülleinhausung, Stahlwelle, Torfüllungen Trespa