INTEGRA-pw fall protection helps design parking garage Eijler Bille in Denmark to more functionality


– Architects: JAJA Architects
– Location: Ørestad, 2300 København, Denmark
– Area: 17000.0 m2
– INTEGRA-pw 943: 690 m as ramp mat in both spindles
– INTEGRA-pw 1143: 600 m in the parking level
– Manufacturer: Norisol, Randers Tegl, Max Bögl

DK Kopenhagen PH Ejler Bille
DK Kopenhagen, PH Ejler Bille

Opened in 2018, the parking garage offers space for around 600 vehicles on 8 floors. With a surface area of 17,000 m2, the parking garage ensures that sufficient parking spaces are available in the vicinity of the Royal Arena. The INTEGRA-pw 943 was installed as a ramp mat over a total length of 690 linear meters in the two spindles. INTEGRA-pw 1143 was used for over 600 linear meters in the parking levels. The lively facade with a patchwork pattern of bricks and expanded metal is also planted with climbing plants. Thanks to the filigree INTEGRA-pw parking garage fall protection, it has been possible to create a spacious parking garage inside with openness and a good overview. The parking garage was also nominated by ArchDaily as a possible candidate for the 2019 Building of the Year award.

Integra pw Einsatz im Rampenbereich

Integra-pw, Einsatz im Rampenbereich

Detailansicht 1


Integra pw Anschluss an Betonstuetze

Integra-pw, Anschluss an Betonstütze