Solar systems for all carports and housing systems

projekt w is a leading provider of high-quality, robust carports and enclosure systems for storage areas.

We are pleased to be able to offer these with solar systems.

Fahrradeinhausung mit Solardach

With the company Reyting GmbH we have found a competent partner with whom we can realize the construction and retrofitting of solar systems.

By purchasing the solar modules directly from Reyting GmbH, we offer you a price advantage, since no middlemen or wholesalers are involved.
As early as 2021, 8.8 percent of the electricity generated was produced by photovoltaic systems. The potential of renewable energies in relation to photovoltaic systems is enormous.
The roof surfaces of outbuildings, such as carports and enclosures, are ideal for this. Become an active part of the energy transition and help protect the environment and operate sustainably and profitably.


Retrofitting is possible on the already built projekt w carports and enclosures after testing. In most cases, the robust and high-quality construction allows the higher load of the solar modules to be absorbed by the roof structure.
The enclosures are tested in advance with the help of a stability certificate. If an approval is given, projekt w mediates the planning of the photovoltaic system to our partner, the Reyting GmbH.
After a careful planning and consulting, a quotation is prepared upon request of the customer.
All further necessary steps for the retrofitting of the roof surfaces are carried out by the company Reyting GmbH.

The advantages of the realization of a solar plant with projekt w are obvious:

- Short delivery times due to direct import
- Everything from one source
- Close support in planning and projecting
- Cost-benefit calculation starting from 10-kilowatt peaks
- Preparation of a stability certificate
- Expert and fast installation of the system
- Manufacturer warranties on solar modules, inverters and storage units
- Registration with the responsible grid operator
- AFTER-SALE SERVICE: Monitoring & services such as cleaning

Carportanlage und Einhausungen mit Photovoltaikanlage
Muellhaus mit Solardach