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Custom bike canopies

Our experts will provide you with no-obligation advice on large-scale projects, multi-family houses or single-family homes. Combine our custom bike enclosures with carports, trash can enclosures, tool sheds, etc.

adfc business club mitglied badge SW L
adfc business club mitglied badge SW L

We follow the recommendations of the ADFC in our planning.

Metal or wooden bicycle covers

With the roof systems from projekt w, a wide range of wishes for the roofing of bicycle enclosures can be fulfilled. The roof structures are erected from the factory on hot-dip galvanized supports. In addition, projekt w offers the supports and roof beams powder coated in any RAL color (also metallic or micaceous iron ore colors). The parapet is made of folded galvanized steel sheet and is powder-coated on the visible side. A parapet is used for green roofs or optionally for trapezoidal sheet metal roofing.

The following roof coverings are possible:

  • Trapezoidal sheet metal
  • Polycarbonate
  • Green roof
  • Green roof light
Roof coverings with trapezoidal sheet metal and polycarbonate are monopitch roofs with a roof pitch of at least 2°. Other roof pitches are available upon request. The green roofs are flat roofs with a roof slope of about 1°.

Bicycle enclosures with side panels

Our customers are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting the side panels for their bike enclosure. These can serve both as privacy screens or weather protection and at the same time meet visual design requirements. We offer a variety of side panels for you, which are individually flexible and can be combined in any way for each of your projects.

  • Woodline – Holzlamellen Lärche-Rhombus

  • Woodline Design – Holzlamellen Lärche-Rhombus mit integrierter Stahl-Lochblechkassette

  • Lochblech – Stahl-Lochblech mit quadratischer Lochung Qg 20-50, Natur oder nach RAL pulverbeschichtet

  • Vollblech – Stahl-Vollblech, Natur oder nach RAL pulverbeschichtet

  • HPL-Platten – Trespa®, umfangreiche Palette an Farben und verschiedenen Oberflächen

  • Stahlwelle – Stahlwelle Sinus 27/111, RAL 9006 beidseitig

  • Aluline – Alulamellen aus 60×20 mm Rechteckprofilen

  • Gittermatte – Doppelstabgittermatte Maschenweite 50×200 mm, verzinkt oder pulverbeschichtet

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Our Woodline side paneling comes from sustainable timber management.

Closed bicycle enclosures with various doors and gates

Equipped with lockable doors and gates, bicycles can be securely locked away and protected from unauthorized access and theft. The door panels can be matched to the side panels or customized. Various combinations of handles and locks are available depending on your needs. In the case of Woodline or mesh door panels, the locks can be optionally equipped with a reach-through protection.

  • single-leaf doors – clear width max. 1500 mm

  • double-leaf doors – clear width max. 2950 mm

  • Hanging sliding gates – single or double leaf, clear width max. 2075 mm per sliding gate


Data sheets, price lists and brochures can be found in our extensive download area.

Personal advice

Our sales staff will be happy to advise and inform you in detail! We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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9 advantages at a glance

01 / 09

100% Made in Germany

Our bike covers are 100% made in Germany. Thus, we can always guarantee you top quality.

02 / 09

Ecological construction

Our bicycle roofs are also available with a green roof. Individual extensions can also be added.

03 / 09

Statics available

A proof of stability shall be provided for all bicycle enclosures. If you have any questions about this, please contact our sales team.

04 / 09

Nationwide installation service

Trained professionals assemble and install your custom bike enclosures nationwide. If desired, also across national borders.

05 / 09

High load capacity / snow load

All our bicycle shelters have a high load capacity. Thus, a high snow load or individual extensions are possible without any problems.

06 / 09

Nationwide delivery

Upon request, our enclosures are delivered nationwide. The assembly can then be completed by assemblers of your choice.

07 / 09

Can be combined as desired

Combine our bike shelters, with garbage enclosures, carports or tool sheds. We manufacture individually according to your wish.

08 / 09

Made to measure

With us there are no standard sizes according to which you have to comply. We are guided by your measure and manufacture individually according to your wish.

09 / 09

Street furniture

Our bicycle canopies are not only ideal for residential use, but also as urban furniture. Solid and durable manufactured to desired dimensions.

Things to know about bicycle shelters / bicycle enclosures

We offer from house 4 different roofing:

  • Trapezoidal sheet metal
  • Polycarbonate
  • Green roof
  • Green roof light

Each of our roofs has its advantages. Green roofs (green roof) offer special advantages. They not only look good, but also bind CO2 and thus provide your contribution to the more positive climate balance. Green roofs, contrary to some expectations, are very durable and have a long life. In addition, green roofs are specified in the building codes in many municipalities and have thus become mandatory for new buildings.

If the roof is to be made of sheet metal or sturdy plastic, then we still have the variants of polycarbonate or trapezoidal sheet metal for you. Here, too, we have options to manufacture entirely according to your wishes. The best thing to do is to contact one of our experts directly and get a free consultation.

We make no distinction here. However, the term bicycle shelter or bicycle canopy is somewhat more common in the vernacular. A bicycle enclosure could possibly be understood as a bicycle shelter that is locked all around, but this is not the case. For us, these are just different terms for the same product.
Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this question, as our federal states have their own regulations. If we assume the size of a common carport, a permit must always be issued in the state of NRW, for example. However, in most states, a permit is dependent on size, meaning height and floor area. So if your bike shelter is under 3m high and less than 30sqm in area, you have a very good chance of being allowed to build without a permit. If you have any questions, it is best to contact one of our experts directly, we will be happy to help you. However, if you would like to get a more detailed picture yourself, we have listed the regulations of the individual federal states for you:

  • Baden-Württemberg: § 50 para. 1 LBO
  • Bavaria: Art. 57 BayBO
  • Berlin: § 62 BauOBln
  • Brandenburg: § 61 BbgBO
  • Bremen: § 61 BremLBO
  • Hamburg: § 60 HBauO
  • Hesse: § 55 HBO
  • Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: § 61 LBauO M-V
  • Lower Saxony: § 60 para. 1 NBauO
  • North Rhine-Westphalia: § 65, 67 BauO NRW
  • Rhineland-Palatinate: § 62 LBauO
  • Saarland: § 61 LBO
  • Saxony: § 61 SächsBO
  • Saxony-Anhalt: § 60 BauO LSA
  • Schleswig-Holstein: § 63 BauO S-H
  • Thuringia: § 60 ThürBO

The information on our website cannot replace legal advice and only provides information to the best of our knowledge. It is best to contact us directly.

Again, it’s hard to give a blanket answer, our bike covers are usually custom made for you. The price ultimately also depends on the features of your bike enclosure. It is best to contact our sales staff, they can quickly set a framework for your project.

Our bike shelters are generally low maintenance and low upkeep. A green roof requires some maintenance, but you can determine the extent to the greatest extent possible. If you fertilize your green roof sporadically, remove weeds and unwanted grasses, and water it a little during longer dry periods, you will enjoy it longer and it will also look better.

Of course, you have warranty and guarantee on our bike covers / bike enclosures. As a rule, an agreement is concluded between both parties in accordance with § 13 para. 4 VOB/B concluded. The warranty period for work performances for buildings is then four years, for other performances two years.
Your bike shelter will be designed exclusively by experienced experts and engineers. Only in this way we can guarantee the best quality and perfectly custom-made bike enclosures for you.
Our bicycle canopies, steel pergolas and more. are ideally suited as street furniture. Especially for urban planning, individually manufactured street furniture is essential. This allows us to manufacture visually coordinated bicycle canopies, covered bicycle racks and much more for a coherent cityscape. Our custom made products are largely made of metal and are durable and low maintenance, which is another great advantage for a quality street furniture.
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