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Trash can boxes according to your taste

The projekt w garbage can boxes made of metal / stainless steel are optically and functionally adaptable to your wishes. Our experts will provide you with no-obligation advice on large-scale projects, multi-family houses or single-family homes.

Metal / stainless steel garbage can boxes

Design your garbage boxes according to your taste. You can choose from 2 basic modules. These can be extended as required by means of an attachment kit for additional tons.

Trash can boxes for 2 trash containers (240 liters each):

  • Frame construction material: aluminum
  • Width: 1500 mm
  • Height: 1405 mm
  • Depth: 960 mm
  • Clear width: 1400 mm (with a door opening of 180°)
  • Clear height: 1230 mm

Garbage can boxes for 1 garbage container (1100 liters):

  • Frame construction material: aluminum
  • Aluminum frame construction
  • Width: 1600 mm
  • Height: 1715 mm
  • Depth: 1560 mm
  • Clear width: 1500 mm (with a door opening of 180°)
  • Clear height: 1540 mm

Individual gate fillings

Equipped with lockable wing gates, trash cans can be securely locked in and protected from unauthorized access and theft. The door panels can be adapted and customized according to the side panels. The 2-leaf swing gates are fixed on 180° hinges and are equipped with a lockable mortise lock for profile cylinder and rotary knob.

  • Woodline – wooden slats larch-rhombus

  • Perforated sheet – natural color aluminum or powder coated according to RAL

  • Solid sheet – 2 mm natural color aluminum or powder coated according to RAL

  • HPL panels – Trespa®, wide range of colors and different surfaces

Various side panels

Our customers are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting the side panels for their trash can box.
We offer a variety of side panels for you, which can be optimally combined with the door panels.

  • Woodline – wooden slats larch-rhombus

  • Perforated sheet – natural color aluminum or powder coated according to RAL

  • Solid sheet – 2 mm natural color aluminum or powder coated according to RAL

  • HPL panels – Trespa®, wide range of colors and different surfaces

Optional green roof

Our garbage can boxes are standardly equipped with a roof covering made of galvanized and powder-coated trapezoidal steel sheet.

Optionally, however, a moss-sedum combination mat can be selected as a roof covering. The moss-sedum combination mat is supplied including a grid mat substructure and a storage fleece.

The roof is drained by an exterior galvanized box gutter with a stainless steel drain chain.


Data sheets, price lists and brochures can be found in our extensive download area.

Personal advice

Our sales staff will be happy to advise and inform you in detail! We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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Sales Management Urbane Systeme

Sales Berlin / International

Postcode area: 10000-14199

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Kevin Hesse

Urban systems

Sales North / West

Postcode area: 30000-38999 / 40000-49999 / 50000-53999 / 57000-59999

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Urban systems

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9 advantages at a glance

01 / 09

100% Made in Germany

Our bike covers are 100% made in Germany. Thus, we can always guarantee you top quality.

02 / 09

Ecological construction

Our bicycle roofs are also available with a green roof. Individual extensions can also be added.

03 / 09

Statics available

A proof of stability shall be provided for all bicycle enclosures. If you have any questions about this, please contact our sales team.

04 / 09

Nationwide installation service

Trained professionals assemble and install your custom bike enclosures nationwide. If desired, also across national borders.

05 / 09

High load capacity / snow load

All of our bicycle canopies have a high load capacity. Thus, a high snow load or individual extensions are possible without any problems.

06 / 09

Nationwide delivery

Upon request, our enclosures are delivered nationwide. The assembly can then be completed by assemblers of your choice.

07 / 09

Can be combined as desired

Combine our bike shelters, with garbage enclosures, carports or tool sheds. We manufacture individually according to your wish.

08 / 09

Made to measure

With us there are no standard sizes according to which you have to comply. We are guided by your measure and manufacture individually according to your wish.

09 / 09

Street furniture

Our bicycle canopies are not only ideal for residential use, but also as urban furniture. Solid and durable manufactured to desired dimensions.

Things to know about trash can boxes

    The substrate must be level and adequately fastened. The foundation of a foundation is not mandatory. A slabbed surface or interlocking paving is suitable for this purpose. The installation area must be sufficiently large. With the foot adjusting screws you bring the garbage can box to the perpendicular. These are adjustable up to 25 mm.

    A distance of at least 2 meters should be given to windows and doors. To neighboring properties should not be less than half a meter. Trash can boxes should also be easily accessible to residents and waste disposal companies. Care must be taken to ensure that the access path is wide enough.

    A building application is not required as far as we know, please check this issue with your local building department.

    • Baden-Württemberg: § 50 para. 1 LBO
    • Bavaria: Art. 57 BayBO
    • Berlin: § 62 BauOBln
    • Brandenburg: § 61 BbgBO
    • Bremen: § 61 BremLBO
    • Hamburg: § 60 HBauO
    • Hesse: § 55 HBO
    • Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: § 61 LBauO M-V
    • Lower Saxony: § 60 para. 1 NBauO
    • North Rhine-Westphalia: § 65, 67 BauO NRW
    • Rhineland-Palatinate: § 62 LBauO
    • Saarland: § 61 LBO
    • Saxony: § 61 SächsBO
    • Saxony-Anhalt: § 60 BauO LSA
    • Schleswig-Holstein: § 63 BauO S-H
    • Thuringia: § 60 ThürBO

    The information on our website cannot replace legal advice and only provides information to the best of our knowledge. It is best to contact us directly.

    Depending on the size and equipment of the trash can box, a non-binding offer will be prepared for you.

    Our trash can boxes are generally low maintenance and low upkeep. If, nevertheless, after some time dirt and deposits appear, it is advisable to clean the garbage can boxes with water or a suitable cleaning agent, depending on the material.

    The projekt w warranty is 4 years after acceptance. Excluded from the warranty are vegetation mats and electronic components.

    First and foremost, planning is based on the number of trash receptacles that need to be accommodated. Likewise, the size of the barrel plays a role. There are garbage can boxes for garbage containers for 2 tons up to 240 l and garbage can boxes for 1 garbage container of 1,000 l. Trash can boxes can be planned individually, or in series with add-on modules. Trash receptacles should be placed near the entrance, if possible. The footprint of the installation site must be large enough to ensure optimal handling of the waste containers. Our team will be happy to advise you!

    All garbage can boxes are equipped with mortise locks for on-site PZ 30/10 and rotary knob. Optionally, a double lock for trash triangle and for on-site PZ 30/10 can be selected.

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