Side panel Woodline now FSC certified!


Among the best-selling side cladding for our carports and enclosures is clearly the Woodline side cladding (wood-larch slats).

And for good reason!

Muellhaus Woodline 22 mm vor Stuetzen montiert
Müllhaus, Woodline 22 mm vor Stützen montiert

Weather resistance and long durability, as well as dimensional stability of larch, are a main reason and advantage for the use of this wood. At the same time, larch has a natural resistance to insect and fungal attack, even without chemical protection.

We have recently decided to only use FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) Wood to use.

FSC-certified wood gives us the assurance of sourcing wood from responsible forestry.

This means concretely:

  • Wood from forests managed according to special ecological and social criteria
  • The rights of the people living in the forest are respected and are under special protection
  • An FSC forest is free from genetically modified plants
  • Guaranteed no wood from illegal logging or overexploitation

The Woodline side panels are completely prefabricated in the factory and can be placed between or in front of the supports, depending on the customer's requirements.

For this purpose, the wooden slats (profile 68x20 mm) are screwed laterally to an angle at a distance of 22 mm, or almost opaque at a distance of 7 mm . For longer lengths of up to 2.50 m, additional stiffening flat bars are screwed in at the center.

Garbage place, Woodline design 22 mm
Einhausung für Müllcontainer mit “Rauchereck”, Woodline Elemente zwischen die Stützen montiert, Lamellenabstand 7 mm (blickdicht)
Moulding enclosure, Woodline Design 7 mm
Woodline 22 mm vor Stützen montiert
Woodline Design Detail
Carportanlage mit abschließbarem Abstellraum. Woodline Elemente zwischen Stützen montiert. Lamellenabstand 22 mm, auf Sonderwunsch wurden die Holzlamellen in RAL 9010 reinweiß lasiert