New General Building Approval for the INTEGRA-pw / Product Structure 2.5 + 3.0

Due to recent investments made in a new welding machine, we were able to considerably improve the production quality of the spot welds.


To achieve the required strength of the spot welds, additional hand-applied spot welds near the fixings are no longer necessary.
This gives the user the possibility to adjust the length of the mats on the construction site if necessary – without losing their function as a car safety barrier.

The safety barrier has been adapted to the impact protection requirements in the revised National Annex of 09/2019 to DIN EN 1991-1-7 for parking structures for use by cars with a permissible total load of up to 30 kN.

The advantages: 

A reduction of the tightening torque for bolting the fixings from 50 Nm to 30 Nm ultimately reduces the installation effort on site as well as reducing the forces acting on the vehicle occupants in the event of an impact against the mat.
The mat “slides” more (even with lower impact forces) and the impact is not as “hard” for the occupants. Due to these changes, we had to apply for a new general building authority approval for the INTEGRA-pw safety barrier system. This was granted on 28/06/2021 with the number Z-14.7-882.

Our previous standard safety barrier mats now bear the designations:

  • INTEGRA-pw 2.5 for the European countries (excluding Germany) and
  • INTEGRA-pw 3.0 for Germany
INTEGRA pw 2.5 1
INTEGRA pw 3.0 2
INTEGRA pw 3.5 1

If you have any questions about the effectiveness of INTEGRA-pw, please do not hesitate to contact our product management.

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Product Management INTEGRA-pw

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