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INTEGRA-pw parking garage safety barrier

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Impact protection & fall protection

The INTEGRA-pw system patented by projekt w is a mesh mat-based safety barrier system that combines different areas of application for the protection of people and vehicles in buildings, primarily around the topic of “parking”.

Conventional protection such as a guardrail is therefore no longer necessary.

Innovative manufacturing

The elements are manufactured in the factory according to customer and object requirements and are hot-dip galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461.

Steel wire rolls, so-called coils, each with 6 mm and 8 mm diameter, are primarily required to produce an INTEGRA-pw safety barrier mat. The steel wires are fed from spools to the welding machine and processed at the same time. The horizontal 8 mm double wires are welded in endless mats with the vertical 6 mm wires. When the desired length is reached, the steel mats are cut by the machine and placed on a press by a robot arm, where they receive the depth features (beads) that are characteristic of the INTEGRA-pw fall protection system.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, the mats are externally galvanized or powder coated. The plastic powder coating also offers you further color design options.

11 advantages at a glance

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Open design

If required, an external facade can be dispensed with completely.

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Two in one

Fall protection for people and cars in one product.

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Extension possible with handrail and glare protection. Can also be used in the ramp area.

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Can be used in composite steel and reinforced concrete construction.

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Area of application in parking garages, optional for locking over the entire floor heights.

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Basis for green facades.

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Due to the high ventilation cross-section of the fall protection possible elimination of price-intensive ventilation systems. Due to the high light transmission, daylight is used optimally and the costs for lighting are reduced.

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No horizontal profiles or similar, this complicates the ladder effect and thus the over-climbing by people.

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Side connections, no additional ceiling fastening and drilling in the concrete ceilings required.

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Low maintenance and care

Minimal maintenance required due to the use of threadlockers. By using only round bars in combination with galvanizing according to DIN EN ISO 1461 max. Reduction of the maintenance effort.

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Subsequent adjustment options to the mats in the system grid possible on site.

Things to know about safety barriers for parking garages

Fall areas with a width of up to 5.50 m can be easily secured with the INTEGRA-pw. Please contact us in the case of wider column-free openings, so that we can find an individual solution.

Depending on the selected product, impact loads from vehicles with a weight of up to 3500 kg and a speed of up to 4.5 m/s can be absorbed.

INTEGRA-pw is used throughout Europe and beyond. We meet the country-specific requirements through the provision of expert’s reports or construction approvals.

The acting forces are specified in different Eurocode standards. Standardized in EN 1991-1-7 as well as informatively in Annex B of EN 1991-1-1. National annexes may also have to be considered, for example, in Germany, they specify the applicable impact load and define the informative Annex B as the calculation specification to be applied.

The connection forces depend on several influence factors, such as the mat height, the vehicle weight, and the vehicle speed in each individual case. For this reason, the connection forces are assessed differently and are part of the respective country-specific expert’s reports. These can be requested from projekt w if required.

INTEGRA-pw not only serves as impact protection for vehicles but also fulfills the requirements as a guardrail for securing people. Consequently, the specifications for the minimum parapet height are complied with. These are specified differently throughout Europe and vary between 1.0 m and 1.2 m.

The aperture cross-section is approx. 82% unbeatable and particularly ecological and efficient advantage.

System height 943 = 10 kg/meter (2 system fasteners per side)

System height 1143 = 12 kg/meter (2 system fasteners per side)

It is connected at the sides to the columns/components. Therefore, drilling holes in the road surface is unnecessary. 2 or 4 system connections are used, depending on the system.

A vehicle impact is an exceptional load case. Therefore, the connection forces must be multiplied by the partial safety factor γ (Gamma) of 1.0.

INTEGRA-pw should be considered at the earliest possible stage of the building planning, as its use can have an economic influence on the dimensioning of the steelwork for the project (fewer intermediate columns are required, no drilling of holes in the road surface, etc.)
We supply the complete basis for this with our planning handbook.
As the manufacturer, however, we will also be glad to handle the planning of your project.
Steel construction or metalwork companies carry out the assembly.

It can be connected to steel columns and concrete components.

Steel columns:
Open steel profile >= 80 mm: single-sided connection using standard fixing
Open steel profile >= 140 mm: double-sided connection using standard fixing

Concrete components:
Concrete components: using standard fixing and additional concrete connection, depending on the width and the concrete grade

No, a duplex coating is not offered. All INTEGRA-pw components are hot-dip galvanized according to DIN 1461. In addition, INTEGRA-pw components can be powder-coated with a layer thickness of approx. 80 µm. This is equivalent to a total coating of approx. 160 µm and is thus similar to the duplex coating. The standard powder coating is glossy according to the RAL Classic color card. Coating in metallic, signal, RAL Design, and DB colors are possible on request.

The guiding value for the installation with 2 employees is about 30 minutes per mat with 2 fixes per side.

The guiding value for the installation with 2 employees is about 45 minutes per mat with 4 fixes per side.

M10 screw set: 30 Nm (16 AF)
M16 screw set: 100 Nm (24 AF)

The goal of sustainable building is to save energy when choosing and producing building materials. The building materials are particularly important here.

Steel has excellent sustainability. Steel is one of the few building materials that can be recycled easily and as often as you like. According to a study by the Fraunhofer Institute, using 1,000 kg of scrap steel saves 1,670 kg of CO₂. Of the total world steel consumption of 800 million tons, 50% is made from scrap metal.

projekt w recycled 264 tons of scrap steel in 2021 alone, making a valuable contribution to environmental protection. In particular, our INTEGRA-pw car park safety barrier is another good example of sustainability in construction. The steel fall protection is not only durable but also reusable elsewhere by simply disassembling it. An unbeatable, ecological and efficient advantage, especially when using particularly temporary multi-storey car parks and system multi-storey car parks.

stahl recycling

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