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In areas with highly frequented passenger traffic, INTEGRA-pw can additionally be equipped with a
handrail profile (round tube, U-profile) can be equipped. It provides additional safety and comfort and increased visual view of the fall protection.
The profiles are dimensioned at the factory to the required lengths of the guardrails and installed on site by trained personnel. The materials used are galvanized steel or stainless steel.

In addition to the subjective idea of safety, set from an architectural point of view.
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Steel S232:

  • Round tube
  • Surface hot dip galvanized acc. DIN EN ISO 1461
  • Optional powder coated

Stainless steel 1.4301:

  • Round tube
  • Surface ground, grain 240

Glare protection

The glare protection is made of smooth or perforated sheet metal and can be attached directly to the steel mesh mat without any further substructure. Especially in the case of adjacent residential development of a parking garage without an outer facade, the glare protection is necessary to contain light emissions from the car headlights.

In addition, the glare protection looks particularly noble and significantly enhances the appearance of the parking garage.

  • Height 670 mm
  • Material aluminum
  • Design in plain sheet or perforated sheet Rg 10-21 (Lo=18.2%)
  • Surface nature
  • Optional powder coated


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8 advantages at a glance

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Open design

If required, an external facade can be dispensed with completely.

02 / 11

Two in one

Fall protection for people and cars in one product.

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Extension possible with handrail and glare shield. Can also be used in the ramp area.

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Can be used in steel composite and reinforced concrete.

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Area of application in parking garages also for closing the entire floor heights.

06 / 11


Basis for green facades.

07 / 11


The high ventilation cross-section of the fall protection eliminates the need for expensive ventilation systems. Due to the high light transmission, daylight is used optimally and the costs for artificial lighting are reduced.

08 / 11


No horizontal profiles or similar, this complicates the ladder effect and thus the over-climbing by people.

09 / 11


Side connections, no additional ceiling mounting and drilling into the ceilings.

10 / 11

Low maintenance and care


11 / 11


Subsequent adjustment possibilities of the mats on site due to the system grid.

Things to know about the INTEGRA-pw fall protection system

  • Meets the requirements of EN 1991-1-7 for impact loads
  • Vertical bar spacing < 50 mm corresponds to the building regulations of the federal states
  • Prevents ladder effect and thus the overclimbing by people
  • Absorption of a spar pressure of 1.0 kN/m, thus dispensing with a handrail outside escape routes
  • DIBt – General technical approval AbZ, approval no. Z-14.7-635
  • System heights 943 mm or 1143 mm
  • column-free spans up to 7806 mm (2 mat bodies with auxiliary support)
  • Meets the requirements of DIN EN 1991-1-7 for car impact loads as well as personal fall protection systems
  • Features a general building authority approval from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) up to element width 5506 mm
  • Hot-dip galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461, optionally additionally powder coated according to RAL
  • To be supplemented with the accessories handrail and glare shield of the INTEGRA-pw Extra product series
  • Personnel loads up to 1.0 kN/m acc. EN 1991-1-1, as well as vehicle loads up to 3.5 t acc. EN 1991-1-1, annex B, or EN 1991-1-7, annex C are met
  • Can be used in roadway gradients up to 16 %. For slopes > 2.5 % (e.g. i
    ramp area) lateral slope adjustment by means of stepping in the mesh pattern

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