NL-Venlo, Block of Gendt parking garage

The Blok van Gendt parking garage was built according to sustainable principles. The roof is equipped with solar panels and provide 50% of the energy needs. As needed, the parking garage can be dismantled and reused elsewhere, which ensures the flexibility, an ever-changing downtown area. The facade finish with the brickwork and steel elements gives the garage a look that matches the surrounding buildings.

projekt w has contributed significantly to sustainability by supplying and installing the INTEGRA-pw parking garage fall protection system.

The steel guardrail is not only durable, but also reusable by simple disassembly to another place. Especially in the use of temporary parking garages and system parking garages an unbeatable and particularly ecological and efficient advantage.

Steel also has excellent sustainability and is one of the few building materials that can be recycled easily and as often as required.

In this parking garage, a glare shield made of smooth sheet metal was also used, which was attached to the outside of the guardrail.