Burgdorf, carport facility, bicycle shed and garbage area


Residential quarter “Lavendelwiese” in Burgdorf

Several carport facilities, bike sheds, trash sheds, and garbage areas were placed in a user-friendly manner on the spacious outdoor areas.

Our Woodline elements (rhombus lamellas, larch) with a lamella spacing of 7 mm act as side walls. All roof coverings have been equipped with a Green Roof Light (Sedum Sprouts vegetation mat). The hanging sliding gates of the bicycle and garbage houses deserve special attention.

The gate fillings are made of Trespa panels in wine red, which can also be found as balcony cladding in the apartment buildings. At the same time, the steel parts of all enclosures were powder-coated in the special color RAL 7039 quartz gray. This color can also be found in the balcony railings as well as in the window frames of the buildings, thus rounding off the beautiful overall impression of the neighborhood.

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