DE-Cologne, trade fair parking garage Zoobrücke

One of the most architecturally beautiful parking garages in Germany – Equipped with INTEGRA-pw

As joint winners of the Design and Build competition, the architectural firm Schultearchitekten GmbH and Deutsche Industrie- und Parkhausbau GmbH have created an impressive architectural landmark for the Cologne exhibition center and the city area.

The curved building in steel construction consists of two structures with 5 parking decks each. Internal connecting ramps and separate exits for intra- and extra-urban traffic ensure a speedy flow of traffic.

This clever parking garage combines parking and logistics areas: On the first floor there are 702 truck parking spaces and logistics areas for trade fair set-up and dismantling traffic; the 2724 parking spaces for cars are distributed across the parking decks above.

projekt w supplied the necessary guardrails. INTEGRA-pw blends discreetly into the overall appearance without detracting from the impressive look of the facade or the ventilation (ventilation cross-section).

Almost 10,000 meters of INTEGRA-pw guardrails were installed on all five levels. Mats INTEGRA-pw lockingmounted on top of each other secure the first floor from unauthorized entry.