INTEGRA-pw X-LONG – our solution for large distances between columns

Since the start of the development of our INTEGRA-pw safety barrier more than 15 years ago, customers have been requesting us to find solutions for larger and larger distances between columns.


Whereas the maximum mat length of the INTEGRA was 5.0 m at the start of the development, projekt w has increased the maximum mat length in the second step to 5.5 m. These dimensions are oriented to the frequently encountered dimensions of the building grid of multi-storey car parks – 2.50 m x 16.0 m or 5.00 m x 16.00 m. We initially focused on the width grid of 5.00 m before concentrating on the length dimension (16.0 m / 3 fields = 5.33 m/field).

In recent years we have received an increasing number of inquiries regarding car safety barriers for building or column grids of 7.50 m x 16.0 m and we have succeeded in developing a solution for this for the international markets – the INTEGRA-pw X-LONG. The familiar elements of the INTEGRA-pw, such as the steel lattice mats 943 and 1143 and the fastening kits, are combined here with new product-related elements. Due to the enormous span width and the dead weight of the components, however, this variant of the INTEGRA-pw is supplied as a two-piece element.

Zeichnung INTEGRA pw X Long 1143

The illustration shows that the INTEGRA-pw X-LONG consists of two steel lattice mats, which are connected centrally to each other directly at the installation site. In the connection area, an on-site auxiliary column is mounted on the mat connection and is erected on the parking deck. Since this column (referred to here as an angle 100 x 75 x 7) is not required for absorbing the loads from a vehicle impact, it does not need to have a force-locked connection with the parking deck. The erection of the auxiliary column on the parking deck reduces the vertical sagging of the mats due to their dead weight and thus ensures the planned parapet height.

For the absorption of the impact loads and to limit the resulting deformations or sagging, the INTEGRA-pw X-LONG is mounted on both sides to the support structure columns with four of the distinctive fastening units from the INTEGRA-pw product family. The individual lattice mats are also connected to each other at four overlapping points.

For applications with excessively large distances between columns (greater than 5.50 m), multi-storey car parks for vans with a high dead weight (e.g. van weighting up to 3.5 tonnes), or to limit the mat deformation due to a vehicle impact, 4 fasteners must be provided on each side of the mat.

2021 V2007958 Birmingham Parking Hospital Sandwell

We will continue in the future to face up to the constantly changing requirements of our customers.

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